Blackwell, the book

I am currently carrying out research for my book, Blackwell and Its Families.

The book will go into detail about the families associated with Blackwell in its Edwardian heyday – Holt, Brooks, Winterbottom and Chapman:

  • Edward Holt was a wealthy Manchester industrialist
  • His wife Elizabeth came from the Brooks chemist family of Manchester
  • Joseph Holt and his cousins, Archibald and Rowland Brooks, were in the 6th Battalion Manchester Regiment during World War One
  • Edith Winterbottom was in-between maid at Blackwell, having been selected by Mrs Holt from a Manchester orphanage
  • Two of the Chapman brothers were gardeners at Blackwell, and were responsible for operating the coal-powered generator that provided electricity to the house from its completion in 1901.

Join me as I explore the histories of the families, their similarities and differences, and how they each found their place within Edwardian society.