Woods of Haslingden

During 2018 Helena is concentrating her Master’s research dissertation on changes to small-scale farming in the land surrounding the small industrial town of Haslingden, Lancashire. She is focusing on her ancestors, the Woods family, who have lived in the area since the seventeenth century, and who last farmed in the area during the latter half of the twentieth century.

East Lancashire has long been considered somewhat different to other farming areas in England because of the nature of its smallholdings and the close proximity of industry. Helena’s research takes the Woods family as a case study and uses them to illustrate the changing nature of farming in the area as a whole during the second half of the nineteenth century.

Roundhill Farm, Roundhill Road, Haslingden (Roundhill Road was the turnpike road between Haslingden and Blackburn, the building is now a private dwelling): The Woods farmed here from c.1800-1850.






The map shows the location of all small farms known to have Woods associations. Sunnyfield Farm is the sole twentieth-century farm, tenanted by Helena’s great grandfather’s cousin, Holden Woods.