HK, Worcester

“I have been researching my family tree for many years and consider myself fairly adept at accessing genealogical information. However, one particular line had always eluded me. I gave Helena a few facts and within a couple of hours she had discovered the records that open up this apparent dead end, enabling me to extend this line back several generations. Helena’s research skills are complemented by a genuine passion for history and, in particular, local history, and this is evident in how she presents her findings for the client. I felt she had a real interest in the people I asked her to research, and that made the whole process feel much more personal.” (Research carried out in Shropshire.)

MC, Burton-in-Lonsdale

“Working with Helena tracing my family tree has been such a wonderful experience. I was just hoping for names and dates but I was given real people and fascinating stories, which put my place within my family history into context. Her ability to draw out such fine details, tales of bravery and triumph, and to interweave them into the weft of time and place really is extraordinary. She was even able to show me photographs of my great, great, great grandfather. The difference I have found with Helena is that she cares about the families she is researching and has an insatiable appetite for information and evidence. She can show you that there is no such thing as an ordinary family.” (Research carried out in the East Riding and Lancashire.)

JS, Sidcup

“Thank you for compiling all the information about our family’s ancestry, I’ve really enjoyed seeing your results. You’ve recorded the information so clearly, and have been so thorough – it’s been really easy to follow your research. Thank you so much!” (Research carried out in Kent, Northumberland, Suffolk and Ireland.)

AH, Staveley

“This is all very interesting and just the history I was wanting to learn more about. I’m always looking forward to hearing from you.” (Research carried out in the North Riding, Lancashire and Westmorland.)